SGI Advanced Information Systems LLC

"Business Technology Convergence"

SGI Advanced Information Systems L.L.C is a dynamic and progressive company with a clear objective - to provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective business solutions through the efficient deployment and integration of information technology...

It is a team with the capacity to deliver a comprehensive service tailored to your exact requirements and provide the IT capabilities you need while leaving you free to concentrate on your core business activities.

As your technology partner, IT Solutions will work with you to create competitive advantage from the rapidly emerging technologies such as online solutions, always ensuring a versatile and reliable platform for you information systems that will adapt to changing business priorities.


Professional services provide the specialized web, multimedia and software expertise you need to maximize your opportunities in the new world of technology through our services and consulting. Our support programs ensure that you maximize the return on your investment in provided solutions. Our professional services enable you to deploy your projects quickly – we can implement products in the shortest possible time due to our familiarity with different solutions, and through our ability to provide you with broad web applications and online software expertise that complements provided solutions and services.

Online Software Solutions

We concentrate on quality software development laying the emphasis on meeting unique business needs of our customers. We create efficient solutions, maintaining high quality software development and constantly seek to exceed customer's expectations.

Our goal is to have our experience help you get success. Our strength lies in our ability to solve complicated, business problems within a limited timescale, complying with the highest quality standards and lowest cost for our clients. We strive for long-term co-operation with our clients.

Web Design and Development

Your corporate identity starts with a basic web-site. A well-structured and configured web-site is a vital tool for enhancing your corporate image, reducing costs through online functionality, improving customer service, and even increasing your return on investment. Your website can be a powerful tool for your company as it captures and keeps your customers' attention giving them the right impression of your business. The impression can be conveyed through website design, your corporate identity image, and multimedia presentations. All these tools when used professionally and efficiently enable you to differentiate your company from your competitors. We possess extensive web development skills and expertise to help you establish your presence on the Internet. We have developed a wide range of successful solutions for our customer.

Our goal is to create professional, interactive, and functional websites.

Web and Multimedia Services

SGI Advanced Informations Systems L.L.C. can help you leverage the opportunities of the web and multimedia by providing a broad spectrum of web and multimedia solutions. SGI Advanced Informations Systems L.L.C. we offer a full suite of web and multimedia development disciplines under one roof: project management, design, development, application development and hosting are all handled in-house. This allows us to offer the most comprehensive and responsive approach to your project. SGI Advanced Informations Systems L.L.C. offers a wide range of professional and affordable design and development services, including high quality web design and multimedia presentations. Our talented and skilful team of designers can ensure a powerful and effective presentation of your company on the web or CD. We constantly keep track of the latest technological changes and deploy the latest web and design tools to ensure the high quality of our work and your complete satisfaction.

Web Applications and E-commerce

SGI Advanced Informations Systems L.L.C. provides web application development services to build a dynamic web based business solutions that enable more efficient interaction between a company, its customers, partners and employees.

Web applications are any use of the web to automate a task. The advantage to using a Web Application is one operator can control the questions for all or one of the stores from one location. Web Applications make it easy to use the power of software from anywhere and be assured that all users see the same up to date information while allowing each of the users to use the information however best fits their particular need and it can be easily added to existing web sites.

You can use a Web Application as:
  • Online Recruitment Website
  • Web Design and Development
  • Online Association Management Website
  • Web and Multimedia Services
  • Web Applications and E-commerce
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Search engine submission and ranking
  • Hosting Services
  • E-mail Broadcasting
  • Technical Consulting

Whether you company simply needs a way to put commonly used forms online or the company needs a robust interactive solution the tracks revenue, packages and stock. The web offers an inexpensive and easy solution to keep all the people important to your business connected with necessary information. The ability to access information anytime anywhere on just about any computer offers endless possibilities.

Search engine submission and ranking

Your website may be a valuable resource, but it must be able to be found and visible by your audiences to be effective Search engines (and searchable directories) are used by potential site visitors to find sites that match keywords. Google, Lycos, Open Text, and Yahoo are all popular search tools; however, the range of their search processes is vast. Methods by which they parse or "read" information in order to match keywords vary significantly. Results may fluctuate on a daily basis, necessitating a consistent, long-term strategy.

Web hosting services

Selecting a dedicated server at SGI Advanced Informations Systems L.L.C. is one of the easiest decisions you can make when it comes to your business. This is an ideal step up from standard web hosting if you don't want other users on your server for safety and performance reasons. With a dedicated server, you know exactly what is on your server and the level of traffic that your server is experiencing Our servers run the minimum network services necessary to reduce the risk of remote penetration, and have proprietary security modifications to the operating system that make it extremely difficult for a remote or local user to elevate his/her privileges.

E-mail Broadcasting

Our bulk e-mailer will allow you to take more direct control of your marketing campaigns as well, with full integration into Our campaign management system. Easily start a mass email campaign with new leads and e-mail everyone at once with a simple, customized control system; then track the metrics of responses and purchases all through the SGI Advanced Informations Systems L.L.C. hosted CRM software system.